Our venues


We are priveliged to have the exclusive management of two unique venues located in central Hamilton. The Riverbank Lane , Ebbett Volkswagen and Ebbett Audi welcome both local and other regional events. 

We work alongside specialised suppliers and contractors  to ensure events hosted in these spaces are to a high standard and clients received the best event service possible.



298 Victoria Street, Hamilton

Located in the heart of Hamilton, the Riverbank Lane offers a mix of bespoke establishments that make up its bustling little community. During non business hours the lane is a unique intimate setting for special events.

Venue Capacity 20-150

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490 Grey Street, Hamilton East

Recently winning architectural awards for commercial innovation and design Ebbett Volkswagen and Ebbett Audi this year will open its doors to host special events. With two large showrooms and an adjoining licensed cafe this central urban dealership has a little more to offer than beautiful cars. 

Venue Capacity 20-300

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